Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ook! An Ode

Last year in the summer,
when the sky was blue
my children were growing
and a mama's heart was turning  blue too.
There came a little brown ball of fur
that was sweet and bitty 
and needed me to be her mama.
I gave her all her shots.
I took her out side to pee.
And when I ate my lifesavers,
she'd eat the orange ones for me.
My vicious bitch. 
A shedragon's mama dawg.
You watched over my horde.
She slept with my babies,
and kept them warm.
She started a lot of shit,
took a lot of them too.
And when I laid down each night,
She'd be like "mom, I'm comin wit u".
You zigged when you shoulda zagged
Ookla my baby girl. 
It was over so fast, 
we woke up, got out of bed
and when I let you outside
within 5 minutes, 
you left my world.
I run a pack, 
I am the alpha.
And each loss I take
I feel it in my soul.
Get out the trash!
Stop chewing on the baby's toy!
Ookla get off my blanket, I'm too hot.
And leave the big dogs alone!
Mamas I'm sorry.  I'll miss you with my heart.
You were only with me for a minute
but in this pack's life you played your part.
So skip through fields now and stay off of Heaven's highways.
If you see old Oogla the Beast,
beware he was the meanest. Thats how you got your name!
And if you see old Sho'Nuff, 
have fun he was such a lover!
Dig holes, Chew God's slippers,
and visit my babies in their dreams.

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