Friday, September 17, 2010

Muffin Oh Muffin

Baby let me be your mama,
stop takin' all your milestones.
You put on your own pajamas,
and can do so many things on your own.
Don't go tellin' everybody,
but I like you best I think.
You are me in a tiny body,
even though you and punkin are linked.
Muffin oh Muffin,
please don't grow so fast.
You know already when I'm bluffin,
and that my bad moods don't last.
Let me be your teacher,
let me help you grow.
I'm scared I'll never reach her,
I wish the time would slow.
I've never met a little girl like you,
sweet, smart, tough and chocolate too.
She's a little beast my girl,
she's gonna take over the world.
Baby girl, stay my baby,
oh Muffin I love you so.


Delorne Janai said...

This is beautiful~ She's not you minaturized she's your Grandma reincarnate ;0)

mamapalowa said...

oh lady. i am so scared that mine WILL be like me. I fucked em up by makin 'em.

hold on loosely, but dont let go....