Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dont Say Everything You Think

Here's lookin at you fugly.

so you're blaming the bacon?

I miss my nights with my babies.

I'm telling you now if you wanna make it about you we can make it about you but you won't like it.

My mood will kick your mood's ass, dont fuck with me.

You wanna know whats fuckin me up right now, its this blanket. It's disconcerting to say the least.

Its only 2 out of the 3 monkeys lookin at me, but thats still too many.

You like this. Dontcha.

Fuck you stinky hall. Its like you WORK at stinkin like that. You actively stink. Foul. Stank. Eeeew. Fuck you.

Who takes a baby mosquito out on her first kill?

I'm not in the light baby. The light is in me.

If it aint about dollas dont holla!

But you are kinda evil fick.

Kiss it bitches.

Is it something wrong wit yo couch?

Thought Jason was the repo man. Not Jude. Now I love him.

He got me my truck. Amazed me.

He loves me,I love him not. I love him, he loves me not. He loves me. He do.

Cellophane shoulda been my name.

Courtney I still miss u. It still hurts.

How does he love me? Let me count the ways.....nah neva mind.

Mary Alice Young was a cold piece of work. A gangsta. Shout out from one desperate housewife to anotha!

Idk what it is about me that makes people think I give a fuck.

Im even pretty in tha mornin bitches.

Fickit. Dont fuckit.

Still I fuckin rise! Go Maya Angelou


Delorne Janai said...

You are beautiful!

mamapalowa said...

you are kinda evil, fick.