Thursday, July 22, 2010

i thought....

my new hair cut was really just a stroke of luck. her purse was really ugly and i dont care that its green. who are you to open my wallet bitch? allz you needed to see was that it was pink, jus like my scales today. you jus dont know you fuckin wit a killa. suga booga. when did he decide he loves his wife? my baby is a big girl, so smart n black. look out world, muffin a beast like her mama. oooooooooooo i. i jus died in your arms tonight. mustve been somethin you said. i missed my chance to walk away too. it kills me to see his tears. gangstas dont cry. ooh there goes my car! did i take my pill today? is that why i feel like cryin? i must've reached the blue to green pill part of our programming schedule.... awwwwwwwwwww lookit the puppy. dont cry dont cry dont cry. my baby's not a baby no more she a big girl. i left my soda in the car. no priors, damn that was good to hear. ya ya! you dont tip well enough for me to like your toothless ass and im gettin tired of you sittin in my section. ring that bell one more time.....muthafucka im standin right here. limeade is better than this shit. who died n made u my FDA? i better get gas n blunts n xxx vitamin water now instead of later. i gotta date wit tha back door n you standin in my way.

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