Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck You!!!

I just want to say before I begin that I mean every bit of this.....

Fuck you orange juice machine, I fuckin hate flossin all that pulp off of you at the end of the night. You're nasty and you've turned me off of orange juice and I hate you a little for that.
Fuck you stinky hallway, we've been through this before, but I just wanted to put it out there again in case you didn't fuckin get it the first time.
Fuck you creepy hot Indian soldier. I don't want you either.
To all the sharky ass bitches I work with, a big ol Fuck You is in order. I got standards, ethics n some more shit y'all bitches don't know about.
Fuck you check engine light, you don't fuckin scare me!
Fuck you princess and your little dog too. Stop following people around and goin in their houses.
Fuck you crooked ass house. I cant fix it, but I can say Fuck You one more time to get over it.
Fuck you flies, moths, pincher bugs, spiders and that one slug that I saw. Fuck you all. I'm bigger.
FUCK YOU T-Mobile. You fuckin suck monkey ass and I hope your corporate office gets blown over in a tornado. I wont be extending my contract, believe me.
Fuck you milk shake machine. It's not fuckin rocket science, 4 scoops of ice cream, this much milk and Bam! it should be a shake. You ALWAYS fuck it up for me and I hate you for it.
Fuck you fish. Nuff said.
Fuck you dumb truckers. What the fuck makes you think I'm just sittin here waitin for some jerk in a Peterbuilt to come sweep me off my feet? Mothafucka, I already gotta Mack.
I almost forgot, Fuck you Farmville, you stole 5 months of my life and I will never forgive you for it and go back to you.
Fuck you new cream carpet and you too dirt for a fuckin yard. The two of you will NOT be my stress box. I don't care what the fuck may happen to you. Wishing for an accident already to break the tension.
Fuck you fly strips. A necessary evil, yes. But I hate you nasty thangs anyways. I'm gettin screens.
Fuck you haters. I aint no fuckin window shoppa. Stay ready, keep yo head right and keep yo paper straight and you too could have what I got. Peep that game.
Fuck you laundry. And Fuck you dishes.
Fuck you potty training.
Fuck you back ache.
Fuck you cabinets. I despise bad shelving.
Fuck it. I'm done. For now.