Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Special, So Special

Not to go around tootin' my horn, but I'm about to let you know EXACTLY why I'm the Shit...
  • I am the queen of my world, my existence, and definately the queen of this damned house!
  • I am not a compliment seeker. I know i'm the shit.
  • I know that all I have is today, so i'll be fucked if I don't try to live it up.
  • I am NOBODY'S punk.
  • I am the better bitch and I know it. Beerfaced ass bitches of the world, y'all betta recognize!
  • I am ever changing and ever evolving. U aint gotta try to change me, just try to keep up!
  • I am more than they think I am, more than they'll ever know.
  • I make life. Yup that's right. I am a soul creater, a life giver. God charged me with the creation of two new beings to guide in this world, and I am doin the damned thang!
  • Long hair, short hair, hell I could be bald and I'd still be cute.
  • I'm me'd out today and I'm lovin' it. Me me me. Oooh me, I'm in love wit me!
  • I'm tha baddest bitch I know.
  • This the fickwilliumm show. That means I'm the star and the rest of y'all is supporting actors. Dont go gettin all offended though like I dont play my role on yo show!
  • I am the fence. I am the bow. I am the dragon. I am the shit. I am the queen. I am the beginning and the end. I am the mama.
  • I am the shit.

Nuff said? I hope so.

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