Sunday, October 3, 2010

  Look at you.  Like a little girl.  Crying.  God I love Bluntcard. 
           I like to cry like one, every now and then.  Mostly I just spend my time wishing I could cry.  No, that's a lie.  I'd rather throw a fit like a two year old of any sex.  That'd be great.  Grown ass woman that I am, screamin and cryin and stomping my size 10's.
         I hate having to smile, the work I have to put into being personable.  I fuckin hate persons.  Lots of them could care less about me too.  I'm just another rat in the race.  I don't even like to run.  But that's what I do, run my ass off.  And I don't even like rats.
          Hungry rats, sleepy rats, dirty rats.... I've never met a rat I don't hate.  I work so hard it makes me want to cry, just like a little damned girl.  It makes me miss the little girls I have at home waiting on me to come home with smiles.  At least the smiles I give them are the real deal.  Everyone else gets my cellophane smile.


mamapalowa said...

i have cellophane smile. i think we all do.
lil girls and sweet ppl are the only ones lucky enough to know. im glad for you lady. you see through cellophane.
its a skill.

Delorne Janai said...

Ur no rat Mamas, you a motha effin BEAST! Tear that shit up yo!