Thursday, July 22, 2010

ode to my yaya

ode to you dear ya ya of mine....
she who rides balls to tha wall-rockstarrin it out.
my lucky star, that's what you are.
i love you like no other.
if i say i'm goin to jail, she says she comin with me.
is that love or what?
maybe she just knows how hard it is for me to make new friends.

we are tha mighty ya ya's. let no man put us unda :-P
what a ya ya i got ya'll, she not only road dawgs, but loves my babies like her own.
she is an extension of me. my finest self. she makes me better.
i love her.
white girl.
does she knock?
will she listen to my heart?
you know it.
do she got a ya ya's back?
hellz yeah.
bet you wish you had a ya ya like i got.
she's part of an elite sisterhood of traveling wallets and boots.
of midnight margaritas and fish fries.
of true blood and laundry parties.
ya ya, i heart you.


mamapalowa said...

love it.

Delorne Janai said...

Got the wallet; workin on the boots Ya Ya!!! heart u...