Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beauty That Turns A Man To Stone....Haiku for You

Medusa, you are
misconceived in your glory
they only see ill.

I see you in there.
With your star like qualities,
you blow them away.

Crumbling and cracking,
when their eyes meet with your own.
Turns a man to stone.

Your beauty unseen,
they cant love you if they look
for what lies beneath.

Close your eyes sweetness,
pray for a blind man to see
you in your true self.

Open them again
the snakes still writhe in your hair
No longer hidden.

Your lover can't see.
Or you'll turn that man to stone.
May as well give up.

Let him only touch
that which you want him to see.
Or it will end him.

No more love for you.
Too bad for you Medusa.
Your eyes tell the truth.

1 comment:

Delorne Janai said...

This is deep... I feel for Medusa, maybe I feel like her.