Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Must Not Know Bout Me

I'm just somebody's momma, as regular as can be.
I cook, I clean, I cuddle, I scold, and kiss their wounded knees.
I'm also only someone's wife,
If you ask me that means I have no life!
Between mom and wife,
I pay the price.
Someday I'll get myself back again.
But will I feel a new start, or will it be just the end?
I've only really been at this for a minute,
But someday they'll be grown, and I'll have did it!
Then what will I do? How will I be?
Alone in an empty nest? Or finally set free!
But please don't get it twisted,
You just don't know my head.
I know I might wish it,
But without my hubby and kids, I'd be dead!

1 comment:

MizRee said...

I can relate. What would we be without our family? I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.