Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Irrationality and Nonsensicality Make Perfect Dollas To Me

I didn't have a shadow either but I left a cosmic footprint right on the under side of that ass.  This morning I realized that I too can fucking count by twos and tie my shoes.  Fuck you bitch, you just a temp.  When it stops flying and comes to the bottom, you'll be gone and I'll still be eatin pie.  I'd be sad for you but I'm too busy looking at my shit sparkle in the dark.  The more we fight the beast the longer it will take us to reach ascension, and all the flowers will wilt and die.  You have no power over me and I'm not scared over your snowpocolypse. Bitch I makes it rain.  And I can't feel you in my placenta.  Its somewhere in a biohazzardous waste disposal site you dirty bastard.  Let me tickle your brain though for a minute so I can get a whiff of what it smells like.  Don't be scared.  I wont eat you.  You'd give me gas.  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and a big piss face ass bitch it'd be then.

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